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Release v2024.03.31-1641

ReVanced Patches

Published on Sat Mar 30 19:43:16 UTC 2024

4.5.0 (2024-03-30)


  • YouTube - Alternative thumbnails: Selectively enable for home / subscription / search (#2926) (8549e1b)
  • YouTube - GmsCore: Require ignoring battery optimizations (#2952) (c0bef25)

ReX Patches

Published on Sat Mar 23 16:35:21 UTC 2024

2.222.0 (2024-03-23)



Next time, there will be an automated changelog, as in all previous dev releases. For a list of changes for the current release, see anddea/revanced-patches#72.

All releases are now automated by github-actions and semantic-release and compiled inside Github (workflow) from the source code in this repo, not by me, so you don't need to trust me.

From now on, the dev branch will have every new release on every push (some of them might be bugged or not working at all). If you encounter build errors in the dev branch, do not open issues.

I can recommend you to use the original ReVanced Manager, as it only shows production releases.

  • Bump YouTube up to 19.11.
  • Bump YT Music, support all versions.
  • Keyword filter for feed, search, subscriptions and comments.
  • More filters for ads, posts, feed, etc.
  • Visual improvements.
  • Performance optimizations.
  • Bug fixes.
  • More customizability.
  • Translations.

Thank you everyone who contributed.

Use MicroG for YouTube and Music

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