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2.2.5 — Modern Times

Bug fix release


RethinkDB 2.2.5 servers cannot be mixed with servers running RethinkDB 2.2.1 or earlier
in the same cluster.

No migration is required when upgrading from RethinkDB 2.2.0 or higher. Please read the
RethinkDB 2.2.0 release notes if you're upgrading from an
older version.


  • Improved the CPU efficiency of orderBy queries on secondary indexes (#5280)
  • Improved the efficiency of geospatial queries on indexes with point values (#5411)
  • Connections in the Java driver are now thread-safe (#5166)
  • Made the JavaScript driver compatible with Internet Explorer 10 (#5067)
  • The Ruby driver now supports nested pseudotypes (#5373)

Bug fixes

  • Fixed an issue that caused servers to not connect and/or reconnect properly (#2755)
  • Fixed an issue that caused servers to time out when running queries on secondary
    indexes with long index keys (#5280)
  • Changefeeds now always emit events for documents leaving or entering the changefeed
    range (#5205)
  • Fixed a bug in the Java driver that caused null pointer exceptions (#5355)
  • Fixed the isFeed() function in the Java driver (#5390, #5400)
  • The command now performs arity checking correctly (#5405)
  • Fixed a test failure in the unit.ClusteringBranch test (#5182)


Many thanks to external contributors from the RethinkDB community for helping
us ship RethinkDB 2.2.5. In no particular order:

  • Mike Mintz (@mikemintz)
  • Paulo Pires (@pires)
  • Nicolas Viennot (@nviennot)
  • Brian Chavez (@bchavez)
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