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Changelog for rest-server 0.10.0 (2020-09-13)

The following sections list the changes in rest-server 0.10.0 relevant to users. The changes are ordered by importance.


  • Sec #117: Stricter path sanitization
  • Sec #60: Require auth by default, add --no-auth flag
  • Sec #64: Refuse overwriting config file in append-only mode
  • Chg #102: Remove vendored dependencies
  • Enh #44: Add changelog file


  • Security #117: Stricter path sanitization

The framework we're using in rest-server to decode paths to repositories allowed specifying URL-encoded characters in paths, including sensitive characters such as / (encoded as %2F).

We've changed this unintended behavior, such that rest-server now rejects such paths. In particular, it is no longer possible to specify sub-repositories for users by encoding the path with %2F, such as http://localhost:8000/foo%2Fbar, which means that this will unfortunately be a breaking change in that case.

If using sub-repositories for users is important to you, please let us know in the forum, so we can learn about your use case and implement this properly. As it currently stands, the ability to use sub-repositories was an unintentional feature made possible by the URL decoding framework used, and hence never meant to be supported in the first place. If we wish to have this feature in rest-server, we'd like to have it implemented properly and intentionally.

  • Security #60: Require auth by default, add --no-auth flag

In order to prevent users from accidentally exposing rest-server without authentication, rest-server now defaults to requiring a .htpasswd. If you want to disable authentication, you need to explicitly pass the new --no-auth flag.

[#60]( [#61]( 
  • Security #64: Refuse overwriting config file in append-only mode

While working on the rclone serve restic command we noticed that is currently possible to overwrite the config file in a repo even if --append-only is specified. The first commit adds proper tests, and the second commit fixes the issue.

  • Change #102: Remove vendored dependencies

We've removed the vendored dependencies (in the subdir vendor/) similar to what we did for restic itself. When building restic, the Go compiler automatically fetches the dependencies. It will also cryptographically verify that the correct code has been fetched by using the hashes in go.sum (see the link to the documentation below).

Building the rest-server now requires Go 1.11 or newer, since we're using Go Modules for dependency management. Older Go versions are not supported any more.

  • Enhancement #44: Add changelog file

    #44 #62

Docker images

  • docker pull restic/rest-server:latest
  • docker pull restic/rest-server:0.10.0
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