github responsively-org/responsively-app v0.14.1
v0.14.1: Design mode option ✍ and configurable toolbar visibility for distraction free work🧘‍♀️

latest releases: v1.11.1, v1.11.0, v1.10.0...
3 years ago

Note: This release also includes a fix for the toolbar button not working on v0.14.0.


  • Design mode option. #491
  • Configuration toolbar visibility. #455
  • Help message about disabling SSL validation when visiting a page with an invalid certificate. #403
  • Open the app in the maximized state on Windows. #495
  • Electron 9 minor version upgrade. #486
  • Code signing for windows app. #151
  • BugFix: Preventing zoom-level from going negative breaking the page. #482
  • BugFix: Overlapping Device manager and dev tools. #509
  • BugFix: Crash page color scheme fixed. #469
  • Removed react-router dependency. #414
  • Including checksum for release binaries. #95

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