github responsively-org/responsively-app v0.12.0
v0.12.0: Quicker full page screenshots 📸 and permission prompts 🔓

latest releases: v1.11.1, v1.11.0, v1.10.0...
3 years ago


  • Improved screenshot performance. #424
  • Permission prompts for webpage permission requests. #370
  • Page title added in the address bar suggestions. #349
  • Improved app crash page with instructions to create a GitHub issue. #407
  • Release now includes a portable app build for windows. #439
  • Fixed: Address bar bug where the initial highlighted item not loading. #410
  • Added the contributors section to the website. #397
  • Fixed: In-active devices list order is maintained in device manager. #234
  • Fixed: Opening files with # in the filename. #367
  • Fixed: Uninstall now removes appData in Windows. #368
  • Contributor documentation improved. #435
  • Fixed: obsolete package-lock.json file in the desktop-app project. #242

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