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With more improvements to Device Manager(App crash fixed) - v0.1.6 🔥

latest releases: v1.11.1, v1.11.0, v1.10.0...
3 years ago

Note: The attached binaries include fix for the app crash that some users faced during app startup


  • Fixed the bug in adding new devices #125
  • Device Manager Improvements to Filter, Add and Delete device profiles #140
  • Option to Reload the CSS files without reloading the page with Alt + R shortcut #99
  • Showing the screen dimension near the device name in the preview area as a quick info #141
  • Added fix to prevent the page reloading when clicking on an anchor link #100
  • Added a Help -> About option to show basic info about various components in the app #120
  • Added a Help -> Keyboard Shortcuts to show the list of all keyboard shortcuts supported by the app #124

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