github remirror/remirror v1.0.0-next.60

Breaking 💥

  • 4504aadb #830 Thanks @ifiokjr! - Rename deprecated error constant from COMMANDS_CALLED_IN_OUTER_SCOPE to SCHEMA.

Features ✨

  • 4504aadb #830 Thanks @ifiokjr! - Add getActiveNode function which returns the information for an active node of the provided type.

  • 4504aadb #830 Thanks @ifiokjr! - Add getMarkRanges which supports retrieving all the mark ranges from within the provided selection.

Fixes 🔧

  • 4504aadb #830 Thanks @ifiokjr! - Preserve attributes when toggling a block node. This allows for better support when using extraAttributes and fixes #819.

  • 302bdf7e #829 Thanks @benjie! - Fix regexp for image filetype check.

  • 34a7981d #828 Thanks @tommoor! - YJS fixes for scrolling while remote clients are editing and incorrect remote selections.

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