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New Features

  • 1adea88a #801 Thanks @ifiokjr! - Add new primitive commands to CommandsExtension.

    • setBlockNodeType
    • toggleWrappingNode
    • toggleBlockNodeItem
    • wrapInNode
    • removeMark
  • ee1ab4f3 #805 Thanks @ifiokjr! - Add GetMarkRange interface to exports from @remirror/core-utils.

  • 1adea88a #801 Thanks @ifiokjr! - Improve type signatures of command utility functions to also include an optional range.

  • 4bdcac77 #805 Thanks @ifiokjr! - Add click and clickMark handlers to the EventsExtension. These new events are available to hooks created with useExtension(EventsExtension) and also exposed via the new createEventHandlers extension method. These methods provides utilities for determining whether the position clicked was within a specific node or mark.

  • b65ea785 #805 Thanks @ifiokjr! - Add onClick handler to LinkExtension which is called with the event: MouseEvent and data: LinkClickData which includes the href and all the GetMarkRange properties.

    Export extra types from the @remirror/extension-link package.

    • LinkAttributes
    • LinkClickData
    • DefaultProtocol
  • 3ee20d40 #805 Thanks @ifiokjr! - Add onClick handler to MentionExtension which is called with event: MouseEvent and markRange: GetMarkRange.

  • c2268721 #805 Thanks @ifiokjr! - Add onClick handler to MentionAtomExtension which is called with the event: MouseEvent and nodeWithPosition: NodeWithPosition.


  • 1adea88a #801 Thanks @ifiokjr! - Fix getChangedNodeRanges when resolving content that may no longer be within the range of the full document. This addresses the issues raised in #797 and #764.

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