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  • a1d65df6 #775 Thanks @whawker! - Fixes extensions that were erroneously adding extra attributes to the DOM twice.

    Attributes were correctly added using their toDOM handler, but also incorrectly in their raw form.


    const linkExtension = new LinkExtension({
      extraAttributes: {
        custom: {
          default: 'my default',
          parseDOM: (dom) => dom.getAttribute('data-custom'),
          toDOM: (attrs) => ['data-custom', attrs.custom],

    Resulted in

    <a data-custom="my default" custom="my default" <!-- extra attribute rendered in raw form -->
      href="" rel="noopener noreferrer nofollow"></a
  • 5fd944c6 #770 Thanks @whawker! - Prevent callouts being merged when removing content in between callout nodes.

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