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Major Changes

  • bdaa6af7 #767 Thanks @whawker! - 🎉 New extension @remirror/extension-callout

    This extension adds support for a new callout node.

    These can be used to add info, warning, error or success banners to your document.

    The default callout type is info, but this can be changed by using the defaultType option of CalloutExtension.

    import { RemirrorManager } from 'remirror/core';
    import { CalloutExtension } from 'remirror/extension/callout';
    import { CorePreset } from 'remirror/preset/core';
    // Create the callout extension
    const calloutExtension = new CalloutExtension();
    const corePreset = new CorePreset();
    // Create the Editor Manager with the callout extension passed through.
    const manager = RemirrorManager.create([calloutExtension, corePreset]);
    // Pass the dom element to the editor. If you are using `@remirror/react` or
    // other framework wrappers then this is handled for you.
    const element = document.createElement('div');
    // Add the view to the editor manager.
    // Wrap with an error callout at the current selection{ type: 'error' });
  • caf2588d #766 Thanks @ronnyroeller! - Allow links to be clickable

    Anchor tags in contenteditable are not clickable by default. To allow users nonetheless to open them, this commit adds an optional clickhandler to open the link.

Patch Changes

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