github remirror/remirror v1.0.0-next.2

pre-release23 months ago

Major Changes

  • The whole API for remirror has completely changed. These pre-release versions are a breaking
    change across all packages. The best way to know what's changed is to read the documentaion on the
    new documentation site

  • 28bd8be: This is a breaking change to the structure of published npm packages.

    • Move build directory from lib to dist
    • Remove option for multiple entry points. It is no longer possible to import module from
    • Only use one entry file.
    • Remove declaration source mapping for declaration files
    • Remove the src directory from being published.
  • 7b817ac: Rename all types and interfaces postfixed with Params to use the postfix Parameter.
    If your code was importing any matching interface you will need to update the name.

  • 09e990c: Update EditorManager / ExtensionManager name to be **RemirrorManager.

Minor Changes

  • Previously the useRemirror hook only updated when the provider was updated. There are times when
    you want to listen to specific changes from inside the editor.

    The useRemirror hook now takes an optional onChange argument which is called on every change
    to the editor state. With this you can react to updates in your editor and add some really cool

  • Add support for React.StrictMode.

    Previously, activating StrictMode would cause the components to render twice and break
    functionality of RemirrorProvider due to an outdated check on whether getRootProps had been
    called. This check has been removed since it isn't needed anymore.

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