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The new version of remirror comes with a number of enhancements and quite a few breaking changes if you were using the remirror@1.0.0-next.* pre-releases.

The following sections outline the breaking changes and how they can be migrated if your last version was @next. For those upgrading from 0.11.0 the library has changed drastically and you'd be better off browsing the documentation.


All extensions are available via remirror/extensions

When you install the top level remirror package you are given access to every extension developed by remirror via the remirror/extension entry point.

- import { BoldExtension } from 'remirror/extension/bold';
- import { ItalicExtension } from 'remirror/extension/italic';
+ import { BoldExtension, ItalicExtension } from 'remirror/extensions';

You can also still install the extensions directly from their scoped packages.

import { BoldExtension } from '@remirror/extension-bold';

Remove remirror/react which has been replaced by @remirror/react

If your code is importing from remirror/react you should now change the import to @remirror/react.

- import { useManager } from 'remirror/react';
+ import { useRemirror } from '@remirror/react';

Update the @remirror/react API

  • Rename the original useRemirror to now be called useRemirrorContext.
  • Add new @remirror/react-components package.
  • @remirror/react exports all the hooks, components, core modules and react specific extensions from @remirror/react-core, @remirror/react-components, @remirror/react-hooks and @remirror/extension-react.

useManager was too focused on the implementation details. We've updated the API to be used in a different way and useRemirror is now the way to initialize an editor.

import React from 'react';
import { BoldExtension, ItalicExtension, UnderlineExtension } from 'remirror/extensions';
import { Remirror, useRemirror } from '@remirror/react';

const extensions = () => [new BoldExtension(), new ItalicExtension(), new UnderlineExtension()];

const Editor = () => {
  const { manager } = useRemirror({ extensions });

  return <Remirror manager={manager} />;

The previous useRemirror is now called useRemirrorContext since it plucks the context from the outer Remirror Component. The <RemirrorProvider /> has been renamed to <Remirror /> and automatically renders an editor.

When no children are provided to the <Remirror /> component it will automatically render a container div where the prosemirror editor will be placed. If you do add children it is up to you to import the <EditorComponent /> and add it to the children or set the autoRender prop to 'start' | 'end' | true.

useManager has been marked as @internal (although it is still exported) and going forward you should be using useRemirror as shown in the above example.


@remirror/preset-table is now @remirror/extension-tables. The TableExtension uses the new createExtension method to inject the TableRowExtension which in turn injects the TableCellExtension and TableHeaderCellExtension. To use tables in your editor the following is sufficient.

import { TableExtension } from 'remirror/extensions';
import { Remirror, useRemirror } from '@remirror/react';

const Editor = () => {
  const { manager } = useRemirror({ extensions: () => [TableExtension()] });

  return <Remirror manager={manager} />;


  • New Rect interface returned by the positioner x: number; y: number; width: number; height: number;

  • Added visible property which shows if the position currently visible within the editor viewport.

  • Improved scrolling when using the positioner.

  • Fixed a lot of bugs in the positioner API.

  • This DOMRect represents an absolute position within the document. It is up to your consuming component to consume the rect.

  • Renamed the positioners in line with the new functionality.

import React from 'react';
import { BoldExtension, CorePreset, ItalicExtension, MarkdownExtension } from 'remirror/extension';
import { Remirror, useRemirror } from '@remirror/react';

const Editor = () => {
  const { manager, onChange, state } = useRemirror({
    extensions: () => [new BoldExtension(), new ItalicExtension()],
    content: '<p><strong>I am strong.</strong> and <em>I am emphasized</em></p>',
    stringHandler: 'html',

  return <Remirror manager={manager} onChange={onChange} state={state} />;


  • Rename useKeymap to useKeymaps. The original useKeymap now has a different signature.
import { useCallback } from 'react';
import { BoldExtension } from 'remirror/extensions';
import { Remirror, useHelpers, useKeymap, useRemirror, useRemirrorContext } from '@remirror/react';

const hooks = [
  () => {
    const active = useActive();
    const { insertText } = useCommands();
    const boldActive = active.bold();
    const handler = useCallback(() => {
      if (!boldActive) {
        return false;

      return insertText.original('\n\nWoah there!')(props);
    }, [boldActive, insertText]);

    useKeymap('Shift-Enter', handler); // Add the handler to the keypress pattern.

const Editor = () => {
  const { manager } = useRemirror({ extensions: () => [new BoldExtension()] });

  return <Remirror manager={manager} hooks={hooks} />;

Breaking Changes

  • Editor selection now defaults to the end of the document. You can change the starting point as shown below.

    import { Remirror, useRemirror } from '@remirror/react';
    const Editor = () => {
      const { manager, state } = useRemirror({ selection: 'start' });
      return <Remirror manger={manager} initialState={state} />;
  • All interfaces which were named with the pattern *Parameter have been renamed to to *Props. The only exceptions are *FrameworkParameter which are now *FrameworkOptions.

  • Remove Presets completely. In their place a function that returns a list of Extensions should be used. They were clunky, difficult to use and provided little to no value.

  • Remove @remirror/core entry-point and add all core exports to the main remirror entry-point.

  • Add all Extensions and Preset package exports to the remirror/extensions subdirectory. It doesn't include framework specific exports which are made available from @remirror/react.

  • Rename @remirror/preset-table to @remirror/extension-tables.

  • Rename preset-list to extension-lists. ListPreset is now BulletListExtension and OrderListExtension.

  • Create new decorator pattern for adding @commands, @helper functions and @keyBindings.

  • Deprecate tags property on extension and encourage the use of createTags which is a method instead.

  • Rename interface CreatePluginReturn to CreateExtensionPlugin.

  • Add support for directly updating the doc attributes.

  • Deprecate top level context methods focus and blur. They should now be consumed as commands.

Removed Packages

The following packages have been removed.

  • Remove @remirror/showcase
  • Remove @remirror/react-social
  • Remove @remirror/react-wysiwyg
  • Remove package @remirror/extension-auto-link. The functionality is now self-contained within @remirror/extension-link.



  • New createDecorations extension method for adding decorations to the ProseMirror EditorView.
  • New lifecycle methods: onInitState, onApplyState, and onApplyTransaction lifecycle methods. These correspond exactly the the plugin methods which ProseMirror exposes and can be used to create plugin functionality without creating a new plugin.
  • @command, @keyBinding, @helper decorators for increased type safety when configuring extensions.
  • NamedShortcut keybindings which can be set on the keymap extension. Currently remirror defaults to using the same shortcuts as Google Docs.
  • Add the nodeOverrides property to the extensions which for advanced users allows overriding of the default NodeSpec and MarkSpec.
  • Rename addOrReplacePlugins to updatePlugins in ExtensionStore.
  • Remove reconfigureStatePlugins and auto apply it for all plugin updating methods.

Inference of Extension Types

  • Make sure all your commands in an extension are annotated with a return type of CommandFunction. Failure to do so will break all type inference wherever the extension is used.

    import { CommandFunction } from 'remirror';
  • When setting the name of the extension make sure to use as const otherwise it will be a string and ruin autocompletion for extension names, nodes and marks.

    class MyExtension extends PlainExtension {
      get name() {
        return 'makeItConst' as const;
  • The Remirror component now has a convenient hooks props. The hooks prop takes an array of zero parameter hook functions which are rendered into the RemirrorContext. It's a shorthand to writing out your own components. You can see the pattern in use above.


There are new hooks for working with commands.

  • Each command has an original method attached for using the original command that was used to create the command. The original command has the same type signature as the (...args: any[]) => CommandFunction. So you would call it with the command arguments and then also provide the CommandProps. This is useful when composing commands together or using commands within keyBindings which need to return a boolean.

    • You can see the insertText.original being used in the useKeymap example above.
  • useCommands() provides all the commands as hook. useChainedCommands provides all the chainable commands.

    import { useCallback } from 'react';
    import { useChainedCommands, useKeymap } from '@remirror/react';
    function useLetItGo() {
      const chain = useChainedCommands();
      const handler = useCallback(() => {
        chain.selectText('all').insertText('Let it goo 🤫').run();
      }, [chain]);
      // Whenever the user types `a` they let it all go
      useKeymap('a', handler);


  • Upgrade React to require minimum versions of ^16.14.0 || ^17. This is because of the codebase now using the new jsx transform.
  • Upgrade TypeScript to a minimum of 4.3. Several of the new features make use of the new types and it is a requirement to upgrade.
  • General upgrades across all dependencies to using the latest versions.
    • All prosemirror-* packages.

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