github remirror/remirror v0.4.2-canary.2

Major Changes

  • Refactor: react-node-view: 7f5da5f
  • Refactor: remove placeholder prop from manager: 681a269

Minor Changes

  • Feat: new package @remirror/dev: #136
  • Refactor: change default priority from 3 to 2: eed449c
  • Fix: wysiwyg ordering of marks: f14a68c
  • Feat: add hook and context support for portals: bdf2f82
  • Feat: auto delete portals on container removal: cfdb047
  • Feat: add helper methods to extensions: 59547d5
  • Feat: new position tracker extension: d6f09ec
  • Feat: add new get utility method: 0b879d3


  • Refactor: update remirror styles to use css fn: e3574c4
  • Refactor: remirror-portals: ba5d0c9
  • Refactor: append mutation observer to head not body: 8420f67
  • Refactor: further changes to react-node-view: eecd930

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