github remirror/remirror v0.4.2-canary.0

Major Changes

  • Refactor: move paragraph to core-extensions: 3631d02

Minor Changes

  • Feat: add getExtraAttrs to the Extension class: dd08f4b
  • Feat: add extraAttrs to some core-extensions: ca0da7d
  • Feat: add ability to parse dom for extra attributes: #122
  • Feat: add new extensions to core extensions: d5e2d65
  • Refactor: core-extensions: 7f23bbb
  • Feat: add new core-extensions: #124
  • Feat: add new attributes to paragraph: 8496bb3
  • Feat: new TrailingNodeExtension: f6b1cb8
  • Feat: add concept of tagging extensions: 9c31afd


  • Chore: upgrade dependencies: d943a24

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