github remirror/remirror v0.3.0


  • @remirror/react: Add withoutEmotion which, when set to true, removes emotion (css-in-js) from the Remirror component. This is for those who don't like css-in-js and would like to work directly with the raw editor without random styles injected. Consuming the @remirror/react-components or any of the @remirror/editor-* packages will require the use of emotion.
  • @remirror/react-utils: Add oneChildOnly export which throws readable errors for invalid children props.


  • 💥 BREAKING @remirror/react-utils: Rename childIsFunction to propIsFunction and make it a pseudo predicate function (returns true when it doesn't throw an error).

  • 💥 BREAKING @remirror/editor-twitter: Rename uiTwitterTheme to TwitterEditorTheme.

  • 💥 BREAKING @remirror/core: Rename HasExtensions to ExtensionListParams.

  • 💥 BREAKING @remirror/core: Rename markActive to isMarkActive use a destructured parameters object instead of positional arguments.

  • 💥 BREAKING @remirror/core: It is now up to extensions to decide whether commands should be active when the editor is editable. isEditable method is now passed into the commands method as a means of checking.

  • 💥 BREAKING @remirror/react: All RemirrorProviders now require a children prop. This prevents a bug when rendering in non-dom environments.

  • @remirror/react: view.updateState is now called before Remirror.setState.

  • Add support for Git Large File Storage (LFS)

  • @remirror/editor-twitter, @remirror/editor-wysiwyg : Use image-snapshot testing to ensure SSR and DOM rendered editors are identical.

  • Update husky command from yarn stop:hooks and yarn start:hooks to yarn husky:stop and yarn husky:start.


  • 💥 BREAKING @remirror/react-utils @remirror/react @remirror/editor-markdown @remirror/editor-wysiwyg: Remove customRootProp from RemirrorProps.
  • 💥 BREAKING @remirror/core: Remove isEditable guard from command functions. It is now up to the command or the caller to decide if it should run when the editor is not editable. To help with this command params with the method isEditable are passed to the commands method of the extension.
  • 💥 BREAKING @remirror/core: Remove exports GetItemParamsMethod
    createFlexibleFunctionMap hasExtensionProperty extensionPropertyMapper transformExtensionMap ignoreFunctions.

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