github remirror/remirror v0.2.0


  • Support for server side rendering (SSR) with passing integration tests for NextJS.
  • Support for plain extension with styles impacting SSR (PlaceholderExtension can be rendered in SSR).
  • remirror/core: ssrTransformer added to extension methods as a way of wrapping and transforming the JSX element produced on the server.
  • remirror/core: SSRComponent: React.ComponentType<any> option added to MarkExtensionOptions and NodeExtensionOptions as a way of overriding the component rendered in an SSR environment.
  • remirror/core: SSRHelpersExtension added as a shorthand way of defining SSR transformations via ssrTransformer.
  • remirror/core: injectBrIntoEmptyParagraphs added for better SSR rendering.
  • remirror/react-utils: isReactFragment added to test if an element is a fragment.
  • Create better unit tests for SSR.
  • Add a changelog with changes starting from v0.1.0


  • BREAKING: Rename @remirror/ui-* packages to @remirror/editor-* for example @remirror/ui-twitter is .now called @remirror/editor-twitter.
  • BREAKING remirror/editor-twitter: Rename UITwitter and TwitterUI to TwitterEditor
  • BREAKING remirror/editor-markdown: Rename UIMarkdown and MarkdownUI to MarkdownEditor
  • BREAKING remirror/editor-wysiwyg: Rename UIWysiwyg and WysiwygUI to WysiwygEditor
  • Speed up tslint by enforcing linting on individual modules (new tsconfig.lint.json files).
  • Remove cx import from emotion library in from @remirror/core to reduce the bundle size.
  • Set @emotion/core and @emotion/styled as peer dependencies.


  • BREAKING: @remirror/ui-* packages.

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