github remirror/remirror v0.1.0


  • Enable remirror as a controlled component #79 #78.
  • @remirror/ui-markdown - Still in progress.
  • @remirror/extension-multicursor - this is currently just a stub (almost no code).
  • @remirror/api-documenter - will be used to generate the api documentation.


  • BREAKING: Rename all extensions to include an Extension postfix. e.g. Emoji is now EmojiExtension. This will hopefully reduce name collisions in the future.
  • Improves the puppeteer testing by separating it out from unit tests in the package.
  • Upgrade docz to v1 #65.
  • General improvements to docs.
  • Fixes missing TypeScript definitions #77.
  • Fixes crash when rendering a ReactNodeView in NextJS #75.

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