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pre-release21 months ago

Major Changes

  • 175c9461 #676 Thanks @ifiokjr! - 💥checkNextValidSelection method is now run in the appendTransaction plugin hook and should only update the provided transaction. It receives the Transaction now instead of EditorState and another parameter for matches provides the name of the changed suggester and the exited suggester. Both can be undefined.

    Suggester Options

    • Add caseInsensitive option for case insensitive matches.
    • Add multiline options for matches that can span multiple lines`.
    • Add appendTransaction option which when true will run the onChange handler in the appendTransaction plugin hook and expect the transaction to be synchronously updated.
    • Add transaction parameter to the onChange handler for when appendTransaction is true.


    • Add new method findNextTextSelection which can be used to find the next text selection.
    • Add new method findMatchAtPosition which finds the match for the provided suggester name at the given ResolvedPos. If no suggester name is provided then it looks through all Suggesters.


    • Now supports matches with only the matching regex active.
    • Fixes a bug where changes were determined by the query and not the full text match.

Patch Changes

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