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Patch Changes

  • Exposes a function hasUploadingFile to determine if file uploads are currently taking place.

    When a user drops a file, a file node is created without a href attribute - this attribute is set once the file has uploaded.

    However if a user saves content, before uploads are complete we can be left with "broken" file nodes. This exposed function allows us to check if file uploads are still in progress.

    Addtionally file nodes now render valid DOM attributes. Rather than href and error, they now render data-url and data-error.

  • BREAKING CHANGE: The option persistentSelectionClass for DecorationsExtension is now undefined by default. It needs to be explicitly configured to enable persistent selection. You can set it as 'selection' to match the default styles provided by @remirror/styles.

    If you are using @remirror/react, you can enable it like this:

    import { Remirror, ThemeProvider, useRemirror } from '@remirror/react';
    function Editor(): JSX.Element {
      const { manager } = useRemirror({ builtin: { persistentSelectionClass: 'selection' } });
      return (
          <Remirror manager={manager} />

    In the interest of performance, the persistent selection will only be displayed if the editor loses focus.

  • Updated dependencies []:

    • @remirror/extension-placeholder@1.0.8
    • @remirror/extension-positioner@1.1.6
    • @remirror/extension-react-component@1.0.9
    • @remirror/extension-react-ssr@1.0.8
    • @remirror/extension-react-tables@1.0.12
    • @remirror/preset-react@1.0.8
    • @remirror/react-components@1.0.11
    • @remirror/react-core@1.0.10
    • @remirror/react-hooks@1.0.11
    • @remirror/react-renderer@1.0.9
    • @remirror/react-ssr@1.0.8

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