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Minor Changes

  • 026d423: Add a focus method to the remirror editor context object. It allows focusing at a provided
    position which can be start, end, a specific position or a range using the {from: number; to: number}
    type signature.

    To use this run

    import { useRemirrorContext } from '@remirror/react';
    const MyEditor = () => {
      const { focus, getRootProps } = useRemirrorContext();
      useEffect(() => {
        focus('end'); // Autofocus to the end once
      }, []);
    return <div {...getRootProps()} />;

    Resolves the initial issue raised in #229.

  • 69d00c6: Add custom arguments to autoFocus props. The same arguments that can added to the focus()
    context method can now be passed as a prop.

Patch Changes

  • Updated dependencies [c2237aa]
    • @remirror/core@0.11.0
    • @remirror/core-extensions@0.11.0
    • @remirror/react-ssr@0.11.0

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