github remirror/remirror @remirror/editor-wysiwyg@0.8.0

Minor Changes

  • 9e66324: Make internal @remirror/editor-wysiwyg components public. The components exported are unstable
    and may change at any time.

Patch Changes

  • 7380e18: Update repository url from ifiokjr/remirror to remirror/remirror to reflect new GitHub
  • Updated dependencies [1041914]
  • Updated dependencies [7380e18]
    • @remirror/core-extensions@0.7.4
    • @remirror/core@0.7.4
    • @remirror/extension-code-block@0.7.4
    • @remirror/extension-drop-cursor@0.7.4
    • @remirror/extension-image@0.7.4
    • @remirror/react-utils@0.7.4
    • @remirror/react@0.7.5
    • @remirror/ui-buttons@0.7.4
    • @remirror/ui-icons@0.7.5
    • @remirror/ui@0.7.4

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