github remirror/remirror @remirror/core@0.8.0

Minor Changes

  • 24f8341: - Change the signature of CommandFunction to only accept one parameter which contains
    dispatch, view, state.

    • Create a new exported ProsemirrorCommandFunction type to describe the prosemirror commands which are
      still used in the codebase.
    • Rename KeyboardBindings to KeyBindings. Allow CommandFunctionParams to provide extra parameters like
      next in the newly named KeyBindings.
    • Create a new KeyBindingCommandFunction to describe the Extension.keys() return type. Update the name
      of the ExcludeOptions.keymaps -> ExcludeOptions.keys.


  • 24f8341: Improve the way ExtensionManager calls Extension.keys methods. Keys now use the new api for
    CommandFunctions which provides a next method. This method allows for better control when deciding whether
    or not to defer to the next keybinding in the chain.

    To override, create a new keybinding with another extension. Make sure the extension is created with a
    higher priority. The keybinding you create can either return true or false. By default if it returns true,
    no other keybindings will run. However if it returns false all other keybindings will be run until one
    returns true

    next basically calls the every lower priority keybinding in the extensions list. It gives you full control
    of how the bindings are called.

Patch Changes

  • Updated dependencies [24f8341]
    • @remirror/core-types@0.8.0
    • @remirror/core-helpers@0.7.5
    • @remirror/core-utils@0.7.5
    • prosemirror-suggest@0.7.5

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