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Release 9.7.0

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3 years ago
  • Always fully log unhandled errors (3ac1e3b)
  • Add tests for Log class (e982435)
  • Merge log.dry into log.exec and replace dry text with ! prefix (c49be57)
  • Always silence shelljs (f25cd26)
  • Refactor prompt module into class & add tests (84d3f17)
  • Remove obsolete argument to git diff-index (c628ad9)
  • Improve GitRepoError message (ac19804)
  • Add --no-git shorthand to skip Git steps (cbee426)
  • Optimize & merge Git init/validation (8b6e173)
  • Remove unnecessary async keywords (62081d8)
  • Add eslint-plugin-ava and recommended config (52d7451)
  • Add npm.validate (check whether npm is up, user is authenticated) (e3a675b)
  • Add wait and rejectAfter utils (ea94cf4)
  • Rename constant (56852bd)
  • Improve docs re. changelogs (39c91c6)
  • Wrap prose with prettier (cfe646b)

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