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Release 3.0.0-beta.6

latest releases: 15.1.0, 15.1.0-next.0, 15.0.0...
pre-release4 years ago
  • Further doc tweaks (3d1a5d8)
  • Always use t.end in sync tests (6c475ca)
  • Consistent "preRelease" + docs re. pre-releases (7597461)
  • Rewrite much of readme (1122601)
  • Change local config path to .release-it.json (d0d18d2)
  • Always generate changelog (2eabd81)
  • Clean up & fix config defaults (354ffa0)

Breaking changes

  • The local configuration file .release.json must be renamed to .release-it.json.
  • The --message shortcut is no longer available (use src.commitMessage).
  • The prereleaseId option is renamed to preReleaseId.

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