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Release 3.0.0-beta.0

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Release It! v3

Try it now: npm install -g release-it@beta


This is the first beta release of v3. Feel free to run it on your workload locally or CI environment. Remember, there is a "dry run" option, and a "no-questions-asked mode", working well together using release-it -dn:


New features

  • Animated spinners, checkmarks and duration (in --non-interactive mode).
  • Disable specific tasks within the release process (e.g. skip tagging the commit).
  • Use --no- with CLI arguments to negate boolean settings, such as --no-npm.publish or --no-src.tag.
  • Separate github and npm configuration for source and dist repos.
  • Support for public scoped npm packages.

Breaking changes

  • npm
    • npm.publish is now true by default.
    • The npm. forcePublishSourceRepo is removed. Set npm.publish and dist.npm.publish to true as needed.
  • Github Release
    • Former githubAssets are now at github.assets and dist.github.assets.
    • Set github.release and/or dist.github.release to true as needed
  • Generic
    • Removed src.beforeStageCommand. It was pointless, as it was executed right before buildCommand (dist.beforeStageCommand is still there).
    • Removed implicit verbose output. Use --verbose as needed.
    • release-it --debug has become DEBUG=release-it:* release-it.

Under the hood

  • Finally, a test suite.
  • Use modern JavaScript (ES6+)
  • Switch from home-made async file copy module to cpy.
  • Switch from minimist to yargs-parser for CLI argument parsing.
  • Use ora for spinners and checkmarks.
  • Use debug package for debug output.
  • Less retries for GitHub releases/upload assets when it seems pointless to do so.

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