github release-it/release-it 2.0.0
Release 2.0.0

latest releases: 15.1.1, 15.1.0, 15.1.0-next.0...
6 years ago

Many improved features and bug fixes. Should be backwards compatible with pre 1.0.0 versions in the majority of cases. Please read for an overview.

Breaking changes

  • Build command is executed before git commit/push.
  • Configuration options are better organized. Most of them are backwards compatible with a deprecation notice.


  • Update .release.json structure (70dfabc)
  • Update readme (0136e59)
  • s/last/latest/ (ffa261d)
  • Don't execute github-release in dry runs (d2c9a7d)
  • Use !cmd to run safe/read-only commands also in dry-run (84acd84)
  • Rename some cli related vars (74ad05d)
  • Update some deps (86a0d97)
  • Remove unused log args (857e9bc)
  • Semi-colons (fc3bc52)
  • More consistent & concise logging (775ab59)
  • Default GH release answer to "yes" (0946697)
  • Add noop (2a338f2)
  • Skip commit step if no changes are staged (3ce3845)
  • In source repo: build before git stage, stage dist.baseDir if !dist.repo (abc19bc)
  • Allow pkgFiles to be either false or empty array (f42ff6b)
  • Include path in pkgFile warning (800bb68)
  • Log functions (e88753a)
  • Improve error logging with node-github (6a52689)
  • Do as much as possible up front (get warnings/errors before first source repo commit) (03fd5b6)
  • Fail hard when version is taken from CLI argument or package.json, and attempting to do GH release, but current version doesn't match a tag (required for changelog). (6ff3a9a)
  • Fix git.release repo (e0e3e19)
  • Fix typo (8d02e52)
  • Move github.releaseBodyCommand config to changelogCommand (35e2438)
  • Leverage config.process & add git.getChangelog (7611009)
  • Add config.process for internal config obj (e067acc)
  • Check GITHUB_TOKEN early on if github.release (8581604)
  • Improved error/exit handling (e33e476)
  • Rename some vars (3c8df4f)
  • Improve some git command handling (219bc4b)
  • Fix up git.release from previous commits (977bcc5)
  • Add deprecated options and deprecation notice (46f058e)
  • Fix util.format helper (d2cc9d2)
  • Get remote url from Git (not package.json); derive next version from latest tag if not provided and not in package.json (0438890)
  • Start support for repos without package.json (766e5eb)
  • Rename options to cli-options (6cb99ec)
  • Start using non-flat config object (e237340)
  • Add items to .npmignore (b7f7b27)
  • Clean up after gh-pages (8ae3895)

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