github release-it/release-it 15.0.0
Release 15.0.0

latest releases: 15.1.0, 15.1.0-next.0
one month ago
  • Skip lifecycle hooks without a version (i.e. don't release) (d706484)
  • Update changelog and add announcement for major release (e2aa887)
  • Update dependency (700c547)
  • Update minimum required Node.js engine to v14.9.0 (94e073b)
  • Replace external debug dependency with node:util.debug (e7748a8)
  • Ignore ESM-only dependencies in import/no-unresolved (bd45e52)
  • Remove .only test (3282e95)
  • Prefix node: imports (b033e0b)
  • Remove unused markdown-toc + script (34ad75b)
  • Update changelog (65246b7)
  • Update dependencies (ae0ad11)
  • Remove support for GitLab < v12.4 (c2cf5a9)
  • Remove tasks.js (it's index.js) (fbcbe91)
  • Remove anonymous metrics (and the option to disable it) (e9ce69b)
  • Start using actual un-mocked files in config specs (aa1815e)
  • Remove unused/obsolete files (7c84b4e)
  • Update dependencies & remove support for Node.js v12 (853c6e7)
  • Merge branch 'master' into feature/es-modules (d411f8c)
  • Increase timeout for tests using npm link (bbee9bb)
  • Use npm link to install release-it in plugin tests (f538a01)
  • Disable worker threads in ava (bacec65)
  • Replace tmp package with Node.js internal in test helper (717fab3)
  • Update dependencies (900c1a2)
  • Add file (0f195a3)
  • Update dependency (9dea8fc)
  • Downgrade chalk & migrate ora usage (a6bb29b)
  • Specs don't need to execute git log (ee36d7b)
  • Re-add missing import (b03a34d)
  • Update dependencies (mostly major updates) (fbe0575)
  • Rename/combine index and cli modules (eb4d858)
  • Fix tagName in git tag prompt (f007382)
  • Improve second latest tag command (21cca12)
  • Improve tag version parser (2fc0e94)
  • Lift tagName to global/config context (628edc6)
  • Separate --no-increment from --github.update (57a77c8)
  • Pass url to import() rather than path (38c0eee)
  • Fix up tests (7a76101)
  • Improve legacy module resolution for plugins (c97fc2b)
  • Extend exports for plugin tests (134d27e)
  • Normalize plugin loader (38dabbe)
  • Fix tests (9516010)
  • Stop testing for Node.js v10 (dae3a51)
  • Refactor plugin loader + tests (remove proxyquire) (570e349)
  • Fix ava config (ad03f71)
  • Fix imports in tests (e7e664c)
  • Fix lodash import (7ab8574)
  • Fix relative import paths (f28ec24)
  • Add .js extension to imports (c31548c)
  • Use util to read JSON (216267b)
  • Format modules (eeb4126)
  • Update package.json + .eslintrc.json (abd3c73)
  • Convert CommonJS to ES Modules (179708a)
  • Update dependencies (0568d3e)
  • Only trim end of stdout (75d0c2f)

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