github release-it/release-it 14.12.0
Release 14.12.0

latest releases: 15.1.0, 15.1.0-next.0, 15.0.0...
5 months ago
  • Update example projects (b500aac)
  • Add support for pre-releases in runTasks test helper (b73770e)
  • Remove unused argument from getIncrement (test helper) (93b0a74)
  • Print --release-version after incremented version is resolved (5b04ba5)
  • Update dependencies (fb73af2)
  • Add node-redis to example projects (069a65f)
  • Add test for GitHub enterprise host web release url (e4718b0)
  • Wrap up the github.autoGenerate feature (a467b5f)
  • Update (#853) (0a4c605)
  • support github's auto generated release notes (#843) (b612ce7)
  • feat : add a host info when generating web url (#828) (1b1034c)

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