github release-it/release-it 11.0.0
Release 11.0.0 (the one with the plugins)

latest releases: 15.1.1, 15.1.0, 15.1.0-next.0...
3 years ago

Please see for breaking changes.

  • Plugins!
  • Bumping package.json is delegated to npm version (so package-lock and npm-shrinkwrap are also updated).
  • Rollback: if the release process gets cancelled or an error occured, the release commit and/or tag will be removed.
  • User scripts can be an array for multiple commands (e.g. "beforeStart": ["npm run lint", "npm test"]).
  • The npm (and Git) plugin can be disabled with --no-npm (and --no-git).
  • More contributor-friendly (also integration tests should pass in any environment).

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