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Release 10.0.0-rc.0

latest releases: 15.1.0, 15.1.0-next.0, 15.0.0...
pre-release3 years ago
  • Update dependencies (17d42e8)
  • Update docs (eb3c3f8)
  • Improve handling of --no-git (6164050)
  • Better handling of "obtrusive" logs (0f351ed)
  • Start some kind of refs doc for development (574127e)
  • Add a few debug statements (13daf67)
  • Add GitLab (11.7) Releases + assets (including backwards compatible fallback) (dc1c846)
  • Restore "git tag does not match pkg.version" warning (105e4fd)
  • Fix up tests (1fd1135)
  • Merge git.validate into git.init (3ef15a1)
  • Remove --debug argument, enable debug in tests (7d4805f)
  • Validate against latest version in npm registry (d7bf899)
  • Add git.fetch to Git init (8a2cb46)
  • Remove support for Node v6 (812a398)
  • Remove deprecations added in v9 (10f9ff4)

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