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Minor Changes

  • #4313 28fe67047a0 Thanks @abdellah711! - feat: dynamic window title

    This feature enables users to generate document titles for each page. To activate it, users need to include the DocumentTitleHandler component within the <Refine> component. By default, the DocumentTitleHandler will generate titles using the generateDefaultDocumentTitle exported from @refinedev/core.

    The DocumentTitleHandler component accepts an optional prop called handler, which is a callback function. This function is triggered whenever the pathname changes and receives an object with the following parameters:

        resource, // 'posts'
            action, // 'create'
            params, // {id: 1}
            pathname, // '/posts/create'
            autoGeneratedTitle; // 'Create new Post | refine'

    The handler callback should return the new title based on the provided parameters.
    To update the title in a child component, the user can use the useDocumentTitle hook. It accepts either a string representing the new title or an object with the property i18nKey if the app supports multiple languages.

    useDocumentTitle({ i18nKey: "documentTitle.default" });

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