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Patch Changes

  • #5737 4e8188a6652 Thanks @aliemir! - chore: updated content of to include installation, usage and scaffolding instructions.

  • #5765 0c197d82393 Thanks @aliemir! - refactor: package bundles and package.json configuration for exports

    Previously, Refine packages had exported ESM and CJS bundles with same .js extension and same types for both with .d.ts extensions. This was causing issues with bundlers and compilers to pick up the wrong files for the wrong environment. Now we're outputting ESM bundles with .mjs extension and CJS bundles with .cjs extension. Also types are now exported with both .d.mts and .d.cts extensions.

    In older versions ESM and CJS outputs of some packages were using wrong imports/requires to dependencies causing errors in some environments. This will be fixed since now we're also enforcing the module type with extensions.

    Above mentioned changes also supported with changes in package.json files of the packages to support the new extensions and types. All Refine packages now include exports fields in their configuration to make sure the correct bundle is picked up by the bundlers and compilers.

  • #5765 0c197d82393 Thanks @aliemir! - fix: dayjs imports in ESM bundles

    dayjs imports in ESM bundles were not being correctly resolved, this has been fixed by adding an esbuild plugin to replace the imports with the correct path for ESM bundles.

  • #5765 0c197d82393 Thanks @aliemir! - fix: broken eslint plugin for removing test ids from components

    Eslint plugin to remove test ids from components was broken and might miss some test ids to be included in the bundles.

  • #5808 10ba9c34490 Thanks @aliemir! - refactor: moved internal logic of buttons to respective hooks from @refinedev/core

    We've moved the internal logic of buttons to their respective hooks in the @refinedev/core package to ensure consistency and reduce duplication. This change will make it easier to manage and maintain the buttons across different UI integrations of Refine. This will also benefit the users who want to customize the buttons via swizzle option or create their own buttons withouth having to duplicate the logic.

  • #5714 38f129f40ee Thanks @aliemir! - Due to the bug fix made in the @refinedev/core, onFinishAutoSave's returned promise can now reject and should be handled accordingly. Updated useForm's auto save handler to catch the rejection without breaking the application.

  • #5755 404b2ef5e1b Thanks @BatuhanW! - fix: incorrect type imports

  • Updated dependencies [0c197d82393, 56ed144a0f5]:

    • @refinedev/ui-types@1.22.5

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