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27 days ago


Bug Fixes

  • Fix a bug where logging in a transform could cause the transform to not make progress. by @rockwotj in #17192
  • Fix a race condition between suffix truncation / delete records and adjacent segment compaction that can lead to crashes and data-loss. by @nvartolomei in #17253
  • Fixes a bug of config_frontend methods getting called on shards other than the controller shard. by @pgellert in #17184
  • Fixes a bug that would prevent the transaction coordinator topic from reclaiming disk space. by @andrwng in #17380
  • Fixes a concurrency issue in transform offset commits pertaining to taking/applying snapshots. by @bharathv in #17400
  • #17237 Fixes a bug in CreateTopicsResponse to now return all the configs of the topic, not just the topic-specific override configs. by @pgellert in #17239
  • #17419 fixed enabling cloud storage in existing clusters by @mmaslankaprv in #17420


  • Adds a new public metric redpanda_raft_recovery_partition_movement_consumed_bandwidth that tracks how much bandwidth is currently in use for raft recovery. This helps tune raft_learner_recovery_rate. by @bharathv in #17216
  • less overhead of health report collection by @mmaslankaprv in #17360

Full Changelog: v23.3.9...v23.3.10

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