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8 days ago

Bug Fixes

  • PR #10625 [v23.1.x] tests: wait for recovery rate only on active brokers by @bharathv
  • PR #10688 cloud_storage: Handle overlapping segments by @abhijat
  • PR #10714 [backport v23.1.x] cloud_storage: Adjust conditions to reset stuck reader by @abhijat
  • PR #10735 [v23.1.x] async-clear: avoid repeated calls to begin() in the loop. by @bharathv
  • PR #10766 [v23.1.x] k8s: Rename e2e test K8S namespace by @RafalKorepta
  • PR #10817 [v23.1.x] tests: use pagination on releases API by @jcsp
  • PR #10866 [v23.1.x] cloud_storage: fix empty segment check in reader by @jcsp
  • PR #9414 c/topic_table: Fix topic de-allocations with canceled updates by @bharathv


Full Changelog: v23.1.9...v23.1.10

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