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25 days ago

🌟 New rueidisprob - A Probabilistic Data Structures without Redis Stack. (#493)

Thanks to @proost for bringing the new sub-module rueidisprob module that allows users to use bloom filters without Redis Stack.

Another Counting Bloom Filter is proposed #510. We may also add client-side caching to these probabilistic data structures in the future.

🚀 Other New Features

  • feat: parse WITHSCORES in the AsFtSearch() (#509)
  • feat: add MAXAGE support to the CLIENT KILL (#504)
  • feat: add NOVALUES support to the HSCAN (#503)
  • feat: add the new RedisResult.AsBoolSlice() #499 (#500)
  • test: adding new tests to rueidisotel (#496)
  • test: improve unit test coverage in command.go (#514)


We'd like to thank all the contributors who worked on this release!

@Ali-Assar, @Exzrgs, @gross2001, @moonorange, @proost, @rafiramadhana and @rueian

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