github realm/realm-cocoa v5.3.3


  • Add support for the x86_64 watchOS simulator added in Xcode 12.


  • (RLM)Results objects would incorrectly pin old read transaction versions
    until they were accessed after a Realm was refreshed, resulting in the Realm
    file growing to large sizes if a Results was retained but not accessed after
    every write. (#6677, since 5.0.0).
  • Fix linker errors when using SwiftUI previews with Xcode 12 when Realm was
    installed via Swift Package Manager. (#6625)


  • File format: Generates Realms with format v10 (Reads and upgrades all previous formats)
  • Realm Object Server: 3.21.0 or later.
  • Realm Studio: 3.11 or later.
  • APIs are backwards compatible with all previous releases in the 5.x.y series.
  • Carthage release for Swift is built with Xcode 11.6.


  • Upgraded realm-core from v6.0.12 to v6.0.14
  • Upgraded realm-sync from v5.0.12 to v5.0.14
latest releases: v10.11.0, v10.10.0, v10.9.0...
12 months ago