github realm/realm-cocoa v10.5.2


  • Add support for "thawing" objects. Realm, Results, List and Object now have thaw() methods which return a live copy of the frozen object. This enables app behvaior where a frozen object can be made live again in order to mutate values. For example, first freezing an object passed into UI view, then thawing the object in the view to update values.
  • Add Xcode 12.4 binaries to the release package.


  • Inserting a date into a synced collection via AnyBSON.datetime(...) would be of type Timestamp and not Date.
    This could break synced objects with a Date property (#6654, since v10.0.0).
  • Fixed an issue where creating an object after file format upgrade may fail with assertion "Assertion failed: lo() <= std::numeric_limits::max()" (#4295, since v5.0.0)
  • Allow enumerating objects of types which are no longer present in the schema.
  • Add RLMResponse.customStatusCode. This fixes timeout exceptions that were occuring with a poor connection. (#4188)
  • Fix - RLMResponse will have a non nil customStatusCode in case of error. (#4188)
  • Limit availability of ObjectKeyIdentifiable to platforms which support Combine to match the change made in the Xcode 12.5 SDK. #7083)


  • Realm Studio: 10.0.0 or later.
  • APIs are backwards compatible with all previous releases in the 10.x.y series.
  • Carthage release for Swift is built with Xcode 12.4.
  • CocoaPods: 1.10 or later.


  • Upgraded realm-core from v10.3.3 to v10.4.0
latest releases: v10.11.0, v10.10.0, v10.9.0...
5 months ago