github realm/realm-cocoa v10.11.0


  • Add type safe methods for:
    • RealmCollection.min(of:)
    • RealmCollection.max(of:)
    • RealmCollection.average(of:)
    • RealmCollection.sum(of:)
    • RealmCollection.sorted(by:ascending:)
    • RealmKeyedCollection.min(of:)
    • RealmKeyedCollection.max(of:)
    • RealmKeyedCollection.average(of:)
    • RealmKeyedCollection.sum(of:)
    • RealmKeyedCollection.sorted(by:ascending:)
    • Results.distinct(by:)
    • SortDescriptor(keyPath:ascending:)

Calling these methods can now be done via Swift keyPaths, like so:

  class Person: Object {
      @Persisted var name: String
      @Persisted var age: Int

  let persons = realm.objects(Person.self)
  persons.min(of: \.age)
  persons.max(of: \.age)
  persons.average(of: \.age)
  persons.sum(of: \.age)
  persons.sorted(by: \.age)
  persons.sorted(by: [SortDescriptor(keyPath: \Person.age)])
  persons.distinct(by: [\Person.age])
  • Add List.objects(at indexes:) in Swift and [RLMCollection objectsAtIndexes:] in Objective-C. This allows you to select elements in a collection with a given IndexSet (#7298).
  • Add App.emailPasswordAuth.retryCustomConfirmation(email:completion:) and [App.emailPasswordAuth retryCustomConfirmation:completion:]. These functions support retrying a custom confirmation function.
  • Improve performance of creating collection notifiers for Realms with a complex schema. This means that the first run of a query or first call to observe() on a collection will do significantly less work on the calling thread.
  • Improve performance of calculating changesets for notifications, particularly for deeply nested object graphs and objects which have List or Set properties with small numbers of objects in the collection.


  • RealmProperty<T?> would crash when decoding a null json value. (Cocoa #7323, since v10.8.0)
  • @Persisted<T?> would crash when decoding a null value. (#7332, since v10.10.0).
  • Sync user profiles now correctly persist between runs.


  • Realm Studio: 11.0.0 or later.
  • APIs are backwards compatible with all previous releases in the 10.x.y series.
  • Carthage release for Swift is built with Xcode 12.5.1.
  • CocoaPods: 1.10 or later.
  • Xcode: 12.2-13.0 beta 3. Note that this release does not contain Xcode 13 beta binaries as beta 3 does not include a working version of Combine.framework for iOS.


  • Upgraded realm-core from 11.0.4 to 11.1.1
7 days ago