github realm/realm-cocoa v10.1.0

CocoaPods 1.10 or later is now required to install Realm.


  • Throw an exception for Objects that have none of its properties marked with @objc.
  • Mac Catalyst and arm64 simulators are now supported when integrating via Cocoapods.
  • Add Xcode 12.1 binaries to the release package.
  • Add Combine support for Realm.asyncOpen().


  • Implement precise and unbatched notification of sync completion events. This avoids a race condition where an earlier upload completion event will notify a later waiter whose changes haven't been uploaded yet. (#1118).


  • Realm Studio: 10.0.0 or later.
  • APIs are backwards compatible with all previous releases in the 10.x.y series.
  • Carthage release for Swift is built with Xcode 12.1.
latest releases: v10.12.0, v10.11.0, v10.10.0...
9 months ago