github real-logic/simple-binary-encoding 1.19.0

  • Improve edge case generation for JsonPrinter when groups have num in group of zero. Issue #800.
  • Improve edge case generation for JsonPrinter when messages are empty. Issue #799.
  • Fix case of generated variables in C++ computeLength method which could cause compilation errors. Issue #796.
  • Enable Java 14 build in CI.
  • Improve Javadoc.
  • Remove use of constexpr from computeLength generated methods in C++ codecs to address compilation errors.
  • Validate usage of group and var data types within composite elements when XSDs are not used.
  • Improve C# samples.
  • Improve C++ samples.
  • Reduce warnings in C++ build on Windows.
  • Upgrade to .net core 3.1 LTS for for CI.
  • Upgrade to Mockito 3.4.0.
  • Upgrade to Checkstyle 8.34.
  • Upgrade to Shadow 6.0.0.
  • Upgrade to Gradle 6.5.1.
  • Upgrade to Agrona 1.6.0.

Java binaries can be found here...

latest releases: 1.20.3, 1.20.2, 1.20.1...
4 months ago