github real-logic/aeron 1.32.0

  • [C/Java] Fix unexpected image unavailable when a rush of connections comes in for MDC or multicast publication. Issue #1115.
  • Increase default flow control receiver timeout from 2 to 5 seconds.
  • [Java] Cluster performance improvements.
  • [Java] Improve liveness tracking for followers catching up with a cluster leader when service logic is running slow.
  • [Java] Configuration option for cluster log consumption fragment limit.
  • [Java] Improve coordination of Cluster services during an election for log catchup and state changes.
  • [Java] Rework Cluster elections to better handle edge conditions in resource limited environments.
  • [Java] Add multicast support for cluster log channel.
  • [C++] Add missing methods to ExclusivePublication so it is compatible with Publication.
  • [C] Support compatible command line options for the C driver when running on Windows.
  • [C] Fix the deletion of directories on driver shutdown when running on Windows.
  • [C] Fix the transposed observation times in the loss report.
  • [C/C++] Migrate the C++ client tools to wrap the C tools for AeronStat, DriverTool, LossStat, and ErrorStat.
  • [C] Reduce memory footprint and copying in client when sending driver commands.
  • [Java] Delete Archive segments asynchronously when purge, truncate, or delete operations are carried out so that deleting a large number of segments does not block the Archive conductor so that the Archive stays responsive. A new RecordingSignal has been added for tracking the completetion of the delete.
  • [C/Java] Run Cluster system tests against both the Java and C Media Drivers.
  • [C/Java] Complete logging and align of feature set with the same configuration that can applied to the Java or C media drivers. PR #1091.
  • [C] Support URIs larger than the label length on publications and subscriptions in the C media driver to be compatible with the Java media driver.
  • [Java] Add Java 16-ea to the test matrix.
  • [Java] Improve tracking of connection activity to more accurately detect the need for address re-resolution.
  • [C++] Improve samples for better usage illustration and error reporting.
  • [C] Complete the feature set for the C client so the C++ wrapper client is a pure wrapper, e.g. provide access to a late bound port for a Subscription.
  • [Java] Allow the setting of different error handler when polling a Subscription, e.g. use a RethrowingErrorHandler to propagate the error out the caller and stop progress.
  • [C] Fix throughput issue with C Media Driver debugging logging.
  • [Java] Support variable length entries in Archive Catalog and allow for complete purging of old entries. Requires migration. PR #1069.
  • [Java] Reduce memory footprint and copying in client for sending driver commands.
  • [Java] Improved Javadoc.
  • Upgrade to Checkstyle 8.38.
  • Upgrade to ByteBuddy 1.10.19.
  • Upgrade to Mockito 3.7.7.
  • Upgrade to Versions 0.36.0.
  • Upgrade to Gradle 6.7.1.
  • Upgrade to SBE 1.21.0.
  • Upgrade to Agrona 1.9.0.

Java binaries can be found here...

latest release: 1.31.2
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