github real-logic/aeron 1.31.1

  • Fix bug in C++ client managing images under a subscriptions due to bug with GCC 7.3.1 failing to emit an acquire fence.
  • Fix bug with cleaning up log buffers which could result in segfault in native driver.
  • Fix bug in C++ client with putValueVolatile.
  • Add AeronException.Category name to the beginning of error message to indicate the severity in the DistinctErrorLog.
  • Improved Javadoc.
  • Schedule Status Messages with more relaxed memory ordering for a ~3% throughput improvement in the Java driver.
  • Memory order fix for scheduling NAKs and Status Messages in native C driver.
  • Enable higher-resolution timers on Windows for native driver so sleep periods less than 16ms.
  • Upgrade to Mockito 3.5.15.

Java binaries can be found here...

2 months ago