github real-logic/aeron 1.31.0

  • Handle failed log buffer delete in C media driver on Windows. This can happen when a client holds a mapped file open and the driver tries to delete it. PR #1073.
  • Increase default client liveness timeout from 5->10s and publication unblock timeout from 10-15s to be softer on clients that experience bad GC pauses or run in resource starved environments.
  • Add C++ ChannelUriStringBuilder#initialPosition method to set the initial position of a publication.
  • Add ownerId to publication limit counters for being able to track which client created a publication.
  • Improve javadoc and reduce the scope of some methods that should not have been public.
  • Fix C++ AtomicCounter::getAndSet.
  • Fix timer cancellation when scheduling in cluster. Issue #1071.
  • ReplayMerge now substitutes the endpoint from the replayDestination into the replayChannel to simplify configuration.
  • Support using a port of 0 on the replay destination for ReplayMerge so that it is assigned by the OS from the ephemeral range.
  • Support using a port of 0 on the replication channel between archives so that it is assigned by the OS from the ephemeral range.
  • Fix the ability to add and remove a destination with port 0 to an MDS Subscription.
  • New subscriptions now late join a stream at the min of existing subscriptions rather than max.
  • Fix implementation of ExclusivePublication::tryClaim in C++ wrapper client.
  • Add Cubic congestion control support to the C media driver. PR #1065.
  • Default to building the C++ archive client as part of the native build.
  • Improve the native Windows build for CLion.
  • Remove the need for having 7-Zip installed for native build on Windows.
  • Improve error handling for archive errors in the consensus module so warnings can be issued and retried.
  • Set media driver heartbeat to -1 on clean shutdown so it can be immediately restarted without waiting for driver timeout.
  • Add Clang 11 to build mix.
  • Add Java 15 to build mix.
  • Change stop replay failures in the cluster from errors to warnings.
  • Improve ExtendRecordingTest to be a better example.
  • Fix cluster tutorial scripts.
  • Improve samples code.
  • Upgrade to Checkstyle 8.36.2.
  • Upgrade to Shadow 6.1.0.
  • Upgrade to ByteBuddy 1.10.17.
  • Upgrade to HdrHistogram_c 0.11.2.
  • Upgrade to SBE 1.20.3.
  • Upgrade to Agrona 1.8.0.

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latest release: 1.31.1
3 months ago