github real-logic/aeron 1.28.0

  • An experimental C API client is now available. We are happy to take feedback but be aware the API is subject to change as it gets refined.
  • Cluster has changed status from experimental to being a preview feature. Many refinements and bug fixes have been made to cluster in the last few months as a result of significant destructive testing. The API is now stable as of this release and will only change before going GA if a significant issue is found. Support is commercially available.
  • Correct implementation of Cubic congestion control implementation to align with spec.
  • Add support to the C media driver for session-specific and multi-destination subscriptions (MDS), plus complete the functionality so the C media driver can support Archive.
  • Support using 0 for port on endpoint or control so OS assigns the port without conflict and then make it available on Publication or Subscription via each getting a new localSocketAddresses() method. Local socket addresses also get their own counters.
  • Reduced CPU time spent scanning for loss in Java and C drivers so they can scale to a larger number of connections.
  • Apply consistent approach to merge window for ReplayMerge, Archive replication, and Cluster catchup.
  • Add the ability to stop a recording by recording identity when the recording id is known.
  • Use CRC if configured and any possible data to help recover last fragments in a recording that may straddle a OS page after an unclean Archive shutdown.
  • Support common short name alias for idle strategies in config for both Java and C media driver such as noop, spin, yield, and backoff.
  • Update false sharing protection to support Java 15 class layout and add it to ExclusivePublication.
  • Improve Java and C++ samples so they are up to date and give more consistent performance numbers.
  • Java client close operations for publications, subscriptions, and counters now happen asynchronously so the client does not wait for acknowledgement. This allows for more rapid close of resources.
  • Add notifications for client heartbeat counters becoming available and unavailable so Aeron clients can be tracked.
  • Allow for race in creating a new recording in catalog and first segment being written which can happen when a replay is set up right after a recording starts.
  • Upgrade to javadoc-links 5.1.0.
  • Upgrade to ByteBuddy 10.10.1.
  • Upgrade to JUnit 5.6.2.
  • Upgrade to Gradle 6.4.1.
  • Upgrade to SBE 1.18.1.
  • Upgrade to Agrona 1.5.0.

Java binaries can be found here...

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