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6.0.0-beta.7 (2024-03-30)

Bug Fixes

  • android: ensure rate is never set to 0 (#3593) (3d7444a)
  • android: improve and backBufferDurationMs. mainly let exoplayer manage the prop (#3619) (f10511d)
  • android: keep screen on on fullscreen (#3563) (bfb76e6)
  • android: track selection parameter has change in last release. (#3594) (d5c8b51)
  • fix getLicense function's type definition (#3606) (89ae843)
  • inject onGetLicense prop properly for detect user defined or not (#3608) (24c1aab)
  • iOS: fix iOS DRM header parser (#3609) (c9a75f3)
  • ios: fix PiP callback (#3601) (bb9e7eb)
  • ios: fix regression when playing source starting with ph:// (#3630) (75d3707)
  • ios: fix startPosition, cropStart and cropEnd to handle float values correctly (#3589) (36bd2e2)
  • iOS: throw when content id defined with empty string (#3612) (0983580)
  • remove setNativeProps usage (#3605) (0312afc)


  • android: move backBufferDurationMs from root props to bufferConfig

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