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latest release: v1.1.0-patch.1
5 months ago

Changes featured in release v1.1.0

  • Added support for fetching API keys from the environment for requests.
  • Introduced support for POST jobs.
  • Jobs can now return hex values.
  • Version number is now included in logs.
  • Updated to the latest versions of go-ethereum, go, and other dependencies.
  • Resolved all major Dependabot alerts by updating and installing node dependencies with the latest node and npm versions.
  • Modified the default value and functionality of gasLimitOverride. It will now be used every time there's a gas estimation failure.
  • Commit data will now be stored even if the transaction fails.
  • Nil values for the Alternate provider in the config are no longer supported.
  • Support for uniswap v2 and v3 data feeds returning results in the form of hex array and hex respectively is added.

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Full Changelog: v1.0.6...v1.1.0

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