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3 months ago

New features Added

  • rpcTimeout flag has been added to every command which is the threshold number of seconds after which any contract and client calls will time out which avoids stopping of node when RPC does not respond.
  • backupNode flag has been added in vote command to avoid performing certain actions actions for backup node.
  • Password flag can be added to every command to avoid password as an input in password prompt.
  • Logs have been added at necessary places which will increase the log file size. So logFilemaxSize parameter has been set to 200MB which means maximum size of log file can be 200MB, once the limit is reached the log file gets rotated.
  • Now the existing stakers are allowed to stake amount less than minSafeRazor but if the staker is staking for the first time than the condition that staking amount should be greater than minSaferazor still holds).


  • Fetched last proposed epoch from contracts instead of fetching it from events.
  • Staker can make a claim block reward call only if there is any commission to claim
  • Consolidated all the global variables used in propose into a struct and updated it all together whenever required
  • Unnecessary error logs have been suppressed.
  • Now commit data is saved only after successful commit.
  • Changed PendingNonceAt to NonceAt
  • Added a generic function InvokeFunctionWithTimeout to call all the contract and client functions.
  • Calculated blockNumber in a separate go-routine for logging which reduces time to perform state actions
  • Changed GiveSorted implementation on gas limit error from recursion implementation to a linear implementation in intervals.
  • Reduced number of RPC calls to fetch block number


  • GiveSorted is fixed when running a backup node.
  • Iteration comparison and shuffling sorted proposed blocks during propose is corrected.

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