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5 months ago

Alpha release, as its in testing phase. Contains testnet contract-addresses and parameters.

Changes from v1.0.4v1.0.5-alpha

Full Change log: v1.0.4...v1.0.5

  • Updated all proposeData global variables together during propose (#910)
  • Fetched Last proposed from contracts (#912)
  • Fixed comparison of iterations and max iteration in SortedProposedBlocks array (#915)
  • Allowed stakers to addStake < minSafeRazor (#920)
  • Added a condition to Call claimStakerReward only if there reward to claim (#908)
  • GiveSorted Fixes (#911)
    • Reset Dispute is only after FinalizeDispute, removed from other dispute types.
    • ResetDispute called irrespective of FinalizeDispute Txn status.
    • Added a backupNode flag in order to ignore input actions for backups node
    • Changed GiveSorted recursion implementation, calling it linearly in intervals when there is gas limit error
  • Added logs at necessary places (#916)
  • Suppress unnecessary error logs (#925)
  • Saved commit data only after successful commit (#944)
  • Added password flag in every command (#941)
  • Fixes Shuffle function where SortedProposedBlocks as parameter was passed as reference (#956)
  • Changed PendingNonceAt to NonceAt
  • Added a generic function InvokeFunctionWithTimeout to call all the contract and client functions. (#936)
  • Added a check if config key is present in yaml file before fetching value (#970)

Contains fixes for v1.3.0-alpha

  • Fixed identifying error in returned values from generic function. (#968)

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