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Valetudo RE 0.9.5

This is the next release of RE version, verified on S55 (fw 2020).
Notable changes in this version:

  • Added an option to choose whether idle device should auto-return back to dock;
  • Added an option to choose what device should do after finished cleaning;
  • Added an ability to reboot the device from the web UI;
  • Added an ability to setup MQTT from the web UI;
  • Added "last_bin_full" entry containing corresponding event date into MQTT attributes topic;
  • Added Latvian localization by @elvis7;
  • Static files are now precompressed to save a bit of space on the device;

Some internal changes, a number of improvements and some bugfixes are introduced as well.

This release includes firmware images with preinstalled valetudo RE: version 2020 for Gen2 and version 4007 for Gen1. This time it has "resetfix" scripts included just in case, though vacuumz-based images weren't resetting even without them. Both images use password "cleaner" for root login at SSH by default. You are advised to change it right after install - you know it for sure.

Note: the release was reuploaded at 01.06.2020 15:00 GMT to fix an issue with displaying a map identified on newer browser versions.

latest releases: 0.9.9,,
6 months ago