github rand256/valetudo 0.10.5
Valetudo RE 0.10.5

This is the service update for 0.10 RE release, verified on S55 (fw 2034).
Changes in this version:

  • Fix for map canvas issue (seems only on newer chrome engine);
  • Node.js updated to v.12.21.0 (some CVEs fixed);
  • mqtt: fanpower status change is published immediately again.

This release includes a pre-build image for Gen2 based on firmware version 2034 and an image for Gen1 based on firmware version 4028. Both are built by vacuumz image builder and use password "cleaner" for root login at SSH by default. You are advised to change it right after install - you know it for sure.

If you already have a previous release installed, you can install only RE update using a deb file (for gen1) or via this guide (for gen2 and 3).

10 days ago